Eliza Ioannou

Position:Private / semi-private Pilates instruction

Eliza was a high-school athlete for the 100 metres, a jazz dancer and Zumba instructor. In 2004 she started Pilates to improve her physical condition and overcome back pain. She realised the huge benefits of Pilates and went on to become a certified Stott (mat work) instructor in 2007 and certified Pilates Coach (mat and reformer) in 2009. Eliza works with small groups and brings in her yoga background to her Pilates lessons to help address specific issues clients might have.

Eliza has completed a number of workshops in her quest to keep learning more about her practise: She trained in acroyoga, a combination of acrobatics and yoga; in 2013 she trained with Yoga Rainbow Kids in Athens; and has studied pre and postnatal Pilates. She recently went through her first pregnancy and was able to appreciate the benefits first hand “it gave me the energy needed to get through a physical day, the flexibility and stamina needed during the birth, and led to a quicker postpartum recovery.