Niki Nikolaou

I came to Kristen 6 months after my caesarean section with problems from keloid scarring, internally and externally. I also developed a very tight Psoas due to the labour and birth of twins and subsequently from sitting at a desk job all day. I had tried a number of therapies, but Pilates with Kristen brought the best results. Within a month the pain reduced by 50% though it took a few more months to get rid of the tightness. The bonus was also losing my pregnancy fat without having to diet! Kristen is not only a superb Pilates instructor she creates a relaxing, caring environment that gives a high-level of personal attention to each and every client. All her team are excellent instructors, respectful and very friendly. She has created a unique environment that I have not found its match in all the places I have lived in around the world.