Mums and Babies Yoga

Duration: 45 minute classes
Classes: Small groups Babes in arms (up to 1 years old)
What to wear: comfortable fitness gear, with additional warmer top layer that can be removed. Soft soled athletic shoes. Small towel for personal use. Anything you may need for your baby.
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Mums get to spend quality time with their babies while stretching and doing some gentle poses with babes in arms. Mums and Babies classes aid in postnatal recovery through specially adapted postures while creating a nurturing environment for you and baby. As a new mother, feelings of being overwhelmed and even isolation are very common. Our classes help relieve stress, stabilize the pelvis, tone the abdominal region and support the lower back.  They are also a great place to meet other mums.

Please seek your doctor’s advice before starting any exercise especially if you’ve had a cesarean section.