Scoliosis Management

In the hands of a trained instructor, Pilates can be a very safe and effective approach for those grappling with scoliosis. The main hallmarks of scoliosis are trunk weakness and non-neutral spine where groups of vertebrae are distorted laterally. A well-defined Pilates programme can help recalibrate the spine to a closer neutral position. The key is to identify the particular posture type of the client with scoliosis and work on that.
While there is no cure for scoliosis, one of the best things the Pilates instructor can provide is some control in holding the spine from the inside, lessen discomfort and loosen up the fascia to help set new movement patterns.

I had a Lumbar fusion in 2008 with great success. Kristen is awesome. After 8yrs my back remains in perfect condition.

Donna Brown