Cancer Rehabilitation

Kristen has completed the STOTT PILATES® course for breast cancer rehabilitation. She is trained to specially design individual fitness programmes to provide a more comfortable recovery and to deliver increased strength and endurance.

The aim is to resume an active lifestyle through a series of gentle, targeted resistance-based Reformer exercises that focus on the shoulder girdle. The emphasis is on establishing mobility, restoring posture, ensuring proper bio-mechanics and developing core and peripheral strength to address muscular imbalances developed from various surgeries and treatments.

Kristen also completed the Pink Ribbon Post-Operative Rehabilitation course for breast cancer rehabilitation that focuses on regaining strength and mobility in affected shoulders and arms. It promotes lymphatic drainage to help prevent lymphydema and enhances energy levels, decreases stress and anxiety and alleviates pain and swelling.

Different types of breast cancer surgery may be accompanied by their own side effects. Kristen has been trained to identify specific issues and to focus on precise muscle groups to begin rebalancing them. Each person’s body heals and reacts differently; specific contraindications and concerns are considered when tailoring individual Pilates programmes to increase effectiveness and safety.