Active Ageing

Anti-ageing  ●  Osteoporosis  ● osteoarthritis  ●   cardio-respiratory issues  ●  Menopause  ●  Bladder Control  ●  Parkinsons  ●  Alzheimers  ●  Injury Prevention  ●  Stress Relief

“Anyone who is stiff and out of shape at 30 is old, while someone who is supple and strong at 60 is still young” Joseph Pilates

As we grow older, our bodies begin to change – we experience a decrease in muscle mass, bone density and the functioning of the nervous and muscular systems. Our heart rates decline as does our ability to use oxygen and our metabolism slows leading to increases in body fat. The best way to slow down and reverse ageing is through physical activity.

Pilates is a safe way to counter many of the negative effects of ageing. Pilates is a total system of exercises designed to build your core strength gradually through correct posture, stretching and breathing techniques. As it isn’t a cardiovascular workout, you don’t have to worry about not coping with the exercises. As we hit middle age and beyond, building our core is vital to maintaining flexibility in order to protect our spine and joints. For women it is essential to counter the risks of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis which is why Pilates is often recommended by doctors and physiotherapists. Also, many women are turning to Pilates as an alternative to HRT therapy in menopause.

Our private / semi-private (up to 2 students) Pilates classes are perfect for women starting physical fitness later in life. We are able to tailor a programme suited to your particular needs and ensure no unnecessary stress is placed on the joints.

For those with more specific age-related diseases like Parkinsons or Alzheimers, Pilates may help slow-down and counter some of the effects of these syndromes. The UK Parkinson’s Disease Society lists it as a complementary therapy to be used alongside conventional medicine, adding “suitable exercise is especially important for people with Parkinson’s as their muscles and joints tend to get stiff and rigid”. Both diseases inhibit ability and control of movement resulting in loss of balance, fatigue and decreased dexterity. Pilates gently strengthens the body and promotes mind-body awareness.

Kristen is a trained rehabilitative Pilates instructor and can adapt each session based on the different symptoms, severity and daily energy levels of each client. Perhaps most importantly, her patient and joyful approach is vital in helping offset the stress and depression that may accompany these maladies.

Finally, if you are a care-giver of someone with an age-related disease then don’t forget to look after yourself as well. Pilates will provide you with the ability to destress, increase and renew your energy levels and give you some much needed ’you time’.