Antenatal Yoga

Duration: 60 minute classes
Classes: Small groups
What to wear: comfortable fitness gear, with additional warmer top layer that can be removed. Soft soled athletic shoes. Small towel for personal use
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Staying active during your pregnancy helps alleviate symptoms like back pain, swelling of extremities, constipation and fatigue. Even more, it helps you mentally, increases energy, mood and improves sleep. Antenatal (prenatal) yoga uses modified positions emphasizing breathing, stretching, strengthening and relaxation. As your body changes and your baby grows, stress is placed on your joints and more weight bears down on your bladder and pelvis. Pregnancy hormones also loosen your ligaments meaning you need to be in the hands of a professional that helps guide your practice. You don’t need to have done any yoga to attend our classes but please seek your doctor’s advice before starting any form of exercise during and after your pregnancy.