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Limassol’s premier Pilates and fitness studio that offers group and private classes to suit your targets and goals. Our highly qualified instructors offer a range of classes from Pilates, yoga, barre, cardio and strength tailored to all ages and levels of fitness. We are dedicated to bringing you the best in effective and exciting functional fitness classes. Customised personal training programmes means there are no excuses for you to not look and feel your very best. We provide fully equipped studio spaces and a supportive and friendly atmosphere to help you achieve your fitness goals. See the full schedule here.

Also discover our clinical rehab for post-injury or surgery programmes to assist recovery. For those looking for a more focused and distinctive fitness experience, discover our Wellness 3, 6 and 9 week packages.


icon-1Private, Semi Private, Group Pilates

Pilates develops strength, flexibility, coordination and flat abs! It’s a low-impact way to strengthen and tone your muscles.

Barre, dance, cardio & strength

Our highly qualified instructors create unique fusion classes that are fun and effective ways to get fit fast.


Young, old, fit or exercising for the first time, our personal fitness classes are designed to get you to optimal health.

Active Ageing

The safe way to slow down and reverse the effects of ageing through correct posture, stretching and breathing techniques.

icon-2Yoga and meditation

Hatha yoga by our experienced instructors balances mind, body and spirit in a tranquil, women-only space.

icon-4Antenatal and postnatal support

Pre & post-natal yoga, mums & babies yoga and breast-feeding support groups with qualified yogis and midwives.

icon-6Wellness & nutrition

Exercise better, eat better, live better. Get your way back to your prime with a personal exercise & nutrition plan.

icon-6Cancer Rehabilitation

Post-surgery personal Pilates sessions by qualified instructors for a more comfortable recovery and to resume your active lifestyle.

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Our Classes

Private, semi-private Pilates

Choose private Pilates or up-to-two people classes to get a highly focused and personalized exercise plan to address your specific goals and needs.


For those looking for a highly-personalised approach to your fitness that are looking to target specific body areas or fitness goals.

Group Classes

From jazz, dance, barre, Pilates and yoga, our small group classes offer a fusion of disciplines for a fun and effective way to get fit and relax.

Clinical Rehabilitation

Pilates is recommended by healthcare professionals as a way to augment rehabilitation from injury, surgery or chronic diseases.

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About Kristen

Kristen is one of the leading Pilates instructors in Cyprus and has over a decade of experience in helping people reach their optimum in physical strength, health and wellbeing. Her team of hand-picked instructors are each highly-qualified and passionate in their areas of expertise. Their classes are often a fusion of disciplines that take into account clients’ needs. Client care, safety and wellness are the number one focus.

Strength, Power, Flow

Kristen has created a unique female environment that gives individual attention to each and every client. Whether you are in a private or small-group class, you can be assured that you are in the hands of competent, certified professionals.

Unique Programs

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a highly effective, specific and individualised exercise system, conducted and supervised by qualified physiotherapists with postgraduate training in Pilates, utilising specialised Pilates equipment such as reformer.

Post injury/surgery // Cancer rehabilitation  //  Sports fitness/injury
Scoliosis management // Age-related conditions // Postnatal recovery

Wellness Packages

Do you have a specific health or fitness target? Or do you just want to get back into last year’s little black dress? Lose weight, tone up and gain vitality with our 3, 6 or 9 week packages.

A personal motivator // nutritional advice from a clinical dietician
Fitness assessment // Weigh in and BMI analysis // 3 workouts a week
Fresh juice after every class

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  • The universe sent me to Kristen’s Studio when i won a voucher at a Christmas bazaar and I am there to stay. The classes are well thought through and I never get bored. I started semi private Pilates and absolutely love it because it gives me exactly what I was lacking before with my other activities such as walking, Stand Up Paddling or skiing. Kristen’s Studio is beautifully located and clean. I can really recommend it.

    Elisabeth Villiger Toufexis
  • I started Pilates with Kristen because I wanted a low impact exercise that would help to keep me strong through pregnancy. I’m so glad I did. I truly believe I had less issues through my pregnancy because of this type of exercise. In addition to maintaining strength, the exercise would relieve the stiffness from my joints and over all helped me to feel better. The pilates instructors at the studio are very capable and I trusted them completely with my prenatal sessions.

    Jamie Hanf
  • Throughout my life I’ve always enjoyed dancing as my form of exercise. I’m not a lover of the gym, so when my friend Kristen began her journey with Pilates, I decided to join her, and have never looked back!  I really appreciate how professional and enjoyable her classes are. She has a calm and firm approach, correcting our posture and pushing us to the next level. I have seen great improvement in my figure over the years and more importantly, I’ve managed to maintain the same weight and firmness just by exercising twice a week. Her carefully chosen instructors, the peaceful aura that her studio exudes and Kristen herself make the classes so enjoyable. I’m so happy to be part of her warm and friendly studio and recommend her without hesitation.

    Liza Georgiou
  • I came to Kristen 6 months after my caesarean section with problems from keloid scarring, internally and externally. I also developed a very tight Psoas due to the labour and birth of twins and subsequently from sitting at a desk job all day. I had tried a number of therapies, but Pilates with Kristen brought the best results. Within a month the pain reduced by 50% though it took a few more months to get rid of the tightness. The bonus was also losing my pregnancy fat without having to diet! Kristen is not only a superb Pilates instructor she creates a relaxing, caring environment that gives a high-level of personal attention to each and every client. All her team are excellent instructors, respectful and very friendly. She has created a unique environment that I have not found its match in all the places I have lived in around the world.

    Niki Nikolaou
  • It gives me enormous pleasure to endorse Kirsten’s Pilates Studio. I have benefited hugely from Pilates under her and her team’s professional instruction. I’m as strong, if not stronger than some women who could be my grandchildren. Thanks to Pilates, my life has a special zest. I have admirers as I now look more attractive and feel fitter than ever. No longer do I have continual aches and pains in my joints, I feel less tired and am eager for the next challenge. I wish Kristen and her team every success in the future, they deserve it.

    Lady Elizabeth Haslam
  • I came to Kristen after a severe slip disc injury. Broken and weak. With the most gentle approach, and endless knowledge of new exercises, Kristen started “baby steps” with my back and slowly I got better. After a few weeks I was able to do things that I didn’t believe I could do again. A year and a half later I feel stronger than ever. I wouldn’t miss my three-times a week lessons. Thank you Kristen and the Kristen’s Studio team. You are ONE of a kind.

    Orna Chen